Harassment & Domestic Violence

If you are experiencing harassment or domestic violence, you need to seek help urgently.  

Please contact our Family Solicitor Gulnaz Qurban on 0191 567 0101 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to discuss your situation.  She can give you advice about making an application to court for protection. We know these steps are often taken in very difficult circumstances, and we have helped our clients through these stages. It is important to feel supported during this time. We are responsive in a crisis and can take immediate action. 

Legally binding court orders can be made without the other person being informed of your application until after the court order has been made and served on them.

These are called non-molestation orders which prohibit the other person from using or threatening violence, or being abusive, harassing or pestering you.

The court can also make an order limiting and defining the occupation of your home. So for example, it can prohibit the other person from coming into your bedroom. Or it can exclude the other person from the home altogether, even if he or she is the legal owner of that home.

Every case is different. Here are some of the steps we advise people in these difficult situations to think about:

  • Report any incidents to the police
  • Go to your GP if you have been assaulted
  • Ask a trusted friend to take photographs of any injuries.
  • If abusive messages are left on your telephone, then keep the messages.
  • Make diary notes so that you can recall the dates and incidents.

These can all be important pieces of evidence if you decide to apply to court for protection.